Grand Prix of Presidents

JFK before the bad back or after? JFK IMO. would lose his stamina banging all the ring girls.

Women weaken legs-Mickey

rocky balboa the character GIF

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Can you imagine if he abstained for a week and went in sex starved? He’d kill a man.


Abe was the best wrestler.

Taft was supposed to decent too.

Roosevelt might have the edge because of the jiu-jitsu though.

Taft was at least 100 lbs heavier than any other potus. I think that may play a factor

Yeah but the fat fuck got stuck in the Whitehouse bath tub… he’d gas the fuck out chasing Jackson or Polk around. Hell even George Washington could tire that hippo out!

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1 thing is certain… these two faggots are 1 and done:




Come on, man. Obama could at least take FDR.

Hypothetically, a skeleton wouldn’t even make weight, much less pass the physical.

You might be right, but there’s a 2% chance they get paired up first!

Think George Washington deserves an honorable mention due to his warrior spirit and battle experience though I agree with the Teddy vs Abe sentiment.

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LBJ might slap some mother fuckers around with his monster cock.

Who do u got if they paired up Obama or Biden? Biden beat up Corn Pop. And he was a bad dude.

Is this a weapons match with chains and rusty razor blades (from rain barrels)?

Joe loves Barack Obiden too much to hurt him. But I don’t see Barack having the horsepower to put Joey stumbles away. First one to get tired out and take a nap leaves town!

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I see Obama and Biden being fixed. A Clinton wack taking out one of them even. Bill may take the whole thing by having the charity making the rest of the GP disappear.