Hi Everyone,

Well it's time to get organized for grappling this year in the Province of Ontario. I'm not sure if I'm going to run the Grand Prix this year or have a new GrandPooBa appointed. I think a different GrandPooBa each year is a good idea. It's hard for any self respecting man to be politically correct for more than a year.

I was looking for suggestions for improvement from last year. SO SOUND OFF!!!

  1. My first suggestion is only 3 qualifiers and a final, and I would like to see the year over by early April.

  2. The belt thing, since Rick raised it; well pick battles you can win I always say. Just so happens the CJA doesn't use the coveted BJJ system, doesn't honestly give a shit about the BJJ belt system, so it's highly unlikely that will change. I know I'm being blunt but I just think we need to channel our energies into things that can make a positive impact. Don't smack your head against a wall for something that doesn't change the end result (yes I get it Rick you love BJJ). The Grand Prix needs to be finacially successful and I need every competitor available for that to happen (BJJ, MMA, JUDO, WRESTLING, CJA, whatever...). Though if you want to live were everything is the same as Brazil it's only a few hour plane ride away (Ha ok now, that was too far).

Seriously, if BJJ or Grappling tournaments are going to grow in Ontario it's because of the growth in MMA not BJJ, so I think the system is ok, just ok, but it works and is an inclusive policy. BESIDES WE JUST FINISHED GATHERING OUR DATA BASE, BASED ON THE OLD SYSTEM!!! Let's use it and move forward.

I know what I say may be unpopular but consider this; give the event promoters a little credit. Event promoters want large full divisions just as much as anyone. If you split the competitors into smaller groups again (more belt levels 4 or 5 instead of 3) doesn't that make the problem worse yet again? Fact is we don't have enough BJJ competitors that compete to change our system, and that's the way it is. The experience level system works to keep the competitors organized for both GI and NO GI.

OK. FIRE !!!

The only thing I didn't understand about the process last year was the exclusion of pro fighters from competing in the finals. That needs to change if you expect the "best" candidates to compete.

Mr. Can,

I here ya, and I'm personally totally cool with pros.

Rob Spider, Mark Bocek, Jeff Joslin, Carlos Newton will all be Winners I think. So I worry advanced competitors will think why bother? Don't you?

warriormac, "grappling" promoters want full divisions so they can make more money, not because they care about advancing the progress of an art.


Of course they want to make money. Duh?

No money no tournaments period. I look forward to the first annual Kris free tournament.

Who would be stupid enough (besides myself, last years finals) to run a free tournament? Answer: No one.

warriormac, I honestly don't want to come on here to hijac this thread. I want to help out with any grappling tournament in anyway I can. I have been doing it(refereeing tournaments and sponsoring competitors/competitions...) for a couple of years now.

But since youre twinkie eatin butt, brought my name up, now im here.LOL

All kidding aside, I will always be around to help any tournament and dont think the Grand Prix should be changed at all. But there were 2 tournaments last year that had nothing to do with the Grand Prix. I am just trying to get some feedback from the Ontario BJJ community if they feel need to run maybe one tournament here for BJJ people only, that will have nothing to do with the Grand PRIX at all.

its more than a couple of hours ride and I will be going soon.But for now Im here! Lucky you! He He He

But I know there exists more people in Ontario who are tired of travelling to the U.S. to compete in actual BJJ tournaments and would like to compete in the same province or country where they train/live.

Once again, I dont have any opposition to the Grand Prix, I enjoyed the Finals and the whole season. But I think it wouldnt be such a bad thing if we ran a BJJ tournament here in Ontario for once.

Why bother??? Cause if you beat one of the said guys, you become a legend.....or hopefully you at least get laid by the nearest BJJ groupie.

I think you'll find that most of those guys won't make all the tournaments needed to compete anyways.

I have a suggestion:

All school owners need to join the CJA so they can be part of the process. Ouch!!! Very unpopular but necessary if we want more control over BJJ/Grappling.

Every year there are tons of bitch threads but in the CJA meeting there was no voice this year except Tony's and mine. And we never agree on shit. Well ok sometimes.

I'll give you a good example of how this lack of participation hurts us directly and continues to bite our community in the ass. NO CANADIAN ADDC QUALIFIER!!!! This year.

Mike McNeil tries to put together the qualifier (good guy). So he goes the CJA for sanctioning (a little late) but has no track record with them. The CJA sees a guy with a good heart who wants there insurance but again has no track record. So the CJA makes the right business decision to be responsible and PRESTO MAGIC!!!! nothing happens, NO ADDC quailifier.

How long will this continue I ask myself, our grappling community has to be made up of the dumbest, cheapest idiots ever to walk the planet. Every Martial art has their shit together except for us. Just join the freaking CJA and let's get some political muscle going.


The question mark you placed after "Duh?" is redundant.


Even when I shit talk you, your too cheap to pick up the phone and tell me to personally FO. You make me laugh.

Ok, I'm in, let's run a strictly BJJ tourny. Call me if you ever get a raise!

Kris, now you got me LOL and a couple more LLLOL too boot.

Don't make me laugh, this is supposed to be a business thread, very serious you know.

I agree. People should join the CJA. There is no alternative and they have allowed Terry to run a very unique and exciting season last year (Grand Prix).

There is no way around it.

Sux we had no Canadian ADCC qualifiers. But from my understanding, Mike wasn't allowed because he wasn't an academy owner as the CJA has made it one of the pre-requisites for tournament promoters due to insurance reasons. This is not a bad thing, they are just covering themselves just in case. But I dont think Mike knew in time and when he did it was too late.

Once again, I think the Grand Prix Season was a success and was the first positive thing to happen with grappling in Ontario in years. However, I just want to see a BJJ tournament here one day for people who practice BJJ.

Sweet, I win!

Im at work and yes too cheap. Got me Terry.


BJJ RULEZ and Grappling is for FOOLZZZ!!!!


Your correct as usual, you have to be a registared club owner WITH A TRACK RECORD! I said TRACK RECORD! You can't join because you want a tournament alone. They want guys who are a help and as a reward for participating you can run a tournament. The CJA goal is fair.

I pointed out Mike because if there were more clubs registared Mike would have had more options for help and us as a group could have excerted more pressure to make something happen.

Kwanzanator is an idiot.

Can't we all just get along?

Why not have a pro-division?


Good suggestion.

Kwanzanator takes it in the ass.