Grand Row Gym???

I came home today to discover that Showdown has been bought by Leslie Dickens. Although I am sure that this sale with benefit both parties involved, I am curious as to the future of Grand Row Gym and Esfiha in London. Are all classes hereby cancelled??? Any info would be appreciated.

Grand Row is a seperate business from Showdown and classes will continue through the summer "AND FALL."

Bring your "A" game this friday.

We're gonna fight, your ankles are unprotected.


That is good news Danny. I have to work at 4, but I will be at the gym at 11. You're next!!!!!!!

So the club will only be running for the rest of the summer? Hello? Can someone fill me in? Thanx!


(Sad Panda)

Come friday, you're ankles are mine too!

I edited my original post.


I was wondering that as well. That's good news. It sounded like you were leaving town before I had a chance to roll with you. I'll be dropping in on Friday. I will bring two ankles.

I feel no pain in my ankles!

I have studied your moves Dan. That tape you showed me showed me everything I need to know. YOu killed my brother and now you must pay!

**off to study 5 of the deadly venoms**

Dougie - I told you before. You must prove yourself worthy before I will teach you the secret ways. Now get out of my house.

Bring a camera you hoodlums.... there will be a leglock clinic...

a clinic I tell ya...



Dan, you're going down to the bird dance. I have a bad feeling! Call in sick bro!

Will Esfiha be there this Friday.

Yes Esfiha will be here last I checked.

I intend on ankle locking Andrew first... who's next in line?

I spoke with Esfiha tonight and he said he will be there Friday.

Dan, you stay the hell away from my ankles. I carry a ball peen hammer.

i am here to defend my belt...

dany is the realy the man!!!

GRAND ROW GYM is not going anywhere for a long time. We continue to be London's best boxing gym and host to Ze Mario Esfiha, one of Canada's top BJJ black belts! Drop by and enjoy the atmosphere and train with a great crew! Downtown London at 206 Dundas.


DanTheMan vs. Canario Falante:

Live from The Tokyo Dome, from the intense stare down to the final controversial split decision, the two warriors put on a show that will soon become a tale of the ages. With Canario dominating from the mount for most of the match, the timekeeper really controlled the match with several sunken arm bar attempts being stopped as the bell rang to end the round. DanTheMan was truly fortunate that time "conspired" to be on his side in this one!
Rematch to be held shortly...

Keep an eye out for the VIDEO!

I am sending in an appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Considering there was no time limit, I feel the timekeeper stopping the match was just plain wrong. I am leaving for Hawaii on Monday to train with Relson Gracie and BJ Penn. After such a horrible loss, I will be back in June to prove that I am the better man.

I AM THE BEST EVA!!!!!!!!!!!

PS....The Staredown was by far the worse in the history of combat sports. The ref was laughing harder than the fighters.

48 sec ankle lock