Grandma Karen wishes child dead over masks

She seems nice

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Human trash.

My god, that woman needs to be beaten, stat!


Sadly, like most Karens, and people on general, she would rather people die than be wrong about anything. 

Just beat that old hag

i say this every single time

I witness " Karen" moments from seemingly "normal" middle suburban women multiple times a week

Lots of times they have their own kids with them and act see the kids' poor faces and you know they deal with a crazy mother all the time

All too common, esp in New Jersey

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I like that how that white entitle cunt has a mask then breaks social distance rules and stands close to the little girl and speaks downwards to her when she says “I hope you all die”

Oh yeah? Well I hope she dies!

It’s the ever typical CONFORM OR DIE bullshit. Add feeling attacked by a virus and seeing people as infectious threats, put some gasoline mass media hysteria into that dumpster fire… and voila.

BTW I’ve hired a Karen as a sales rep. No, not in that sense, I’m not that dumb LOL. Her real name is Karen ha ha

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