Grandma Stands Up To Scum Shoplifter!


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You go granny

The man was just recording him and going to let it happen. No balls.

Sad when a little old lady has to be the one who kicks ass.


Definitely ballsy.

But when the dude turns out to be a psychopath, at some point, maybe when the hunting knife that was concealed in his boot enters your chest for the 4th or 5th time, you realize that you lost everything trying to save a multi-billion dollar business $138 in stolen goods and they don’t even appreciate your sacrifice.

Be smart, Granny. This is not the same society it was even 20 years ago.



That happened in my town lmao

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Yeah, I’m gonna have to pass on sacrificing everything even when it means nothing.

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@spjackson77 you support people just taking thing from stores without paying?

Frig off!

They catch the guy?

This! Thank God for ppl like granny. Enough if this shit.

You almost can’t blame him. It’s legal for them to steal it as long as it’s below $1000. The man probably would have been arrested for assault if he had tried to stop him.

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Plus you never know just how low the person is doing the stealing. They might be willing to die over it and take you with them. Hard call to make sometimes but I wish everyone was like granny. Enough of the bs

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Yeah, but to the dude and the granny, it wasnt about the billion dollar company or the $100 in stolen goods. It was about the degradation of their society.

Having said that, yes, the granny was lucky the criminal was somewhat civil. She couldve been really hurt.


That was awesome. That is how my mom is. She doesnt give a fuck. If she thinks someone is doing something wrong, with no regard to her safety she is going to say/do something about it. Its too bad more people are not like that.


I’m waiting for one of these videos where the person steals the thief’s bike

What was his plan? Try to pedal away while pulling on the shopping cart?