Grandmaster Shen biography coming soon

Coinciding with the renewed interest in Reila's book on Carlos, I've just finished Chapter 9 of my authorized biography of Grandmaster Shen "Saviour of us All".

Chapter 9 covers the famous event at Long Beach in 1988 where the Grandmaster saved a drowning man from a shark attack whilst simultaneously filling out his tax return.

What is truly amazing is that the Grandmaster, hithertoo an entirely land based mammal, had to teach himself to swim in the 15 seconds between seeing the drowning mans flailing arms and entering the water.

During his return to the shore, Shen realised several fundamental truths about the inefficiency of his elder brother Shan's art Shan-Fu and made changes imperceptible to the average practioner to create the 23% more efficient Shen-Fu.

Next, chapter 10 and the Grandmasters recollections of choreographing his students Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in their legendary match in way of the dragon.

"I remember telling Bruce, ponder on Shen philosophy, look at this glass of water, become the glass... stiff, fragile, of rigid form and shape. Of course he misunderstood and thought I'd said Chan philosophy and became the water instead. So much wasted potential...".

At Shihan's requet, the initial copies are being released in Pig Latin, but an English language edition of "andmasterGray enShay aviourSay ofway usway allway" should be available in the next 3 to 4 years Phone Post 3.0

People have questioned the veracity of some of the statements and the narrow nature of my historical sources, but I can guarantee all the recollections were personally contributed by Grandmaster Shen himself. What better source could I have? Phone Post 3.0

Does it cover his addiction to Milk Duds after Corey Haim's death?

How will you handle the um...delicate....subject of his microphallus?

As long as there are details on his fights with Helio, I'm sold. And what tjmitch said.

will this book be invisible?

First rule of Shendokan, DO NOT TALK about Shendonkan.

Write what you want, most of the true stories are but anshen history. Phone Post 3.0

BTW, in order to make the book more "universal" in appeal, it will ONLY be available in Esperanto.

Will I be able to Kindle this book? Any talk yet of a movie?

^ I have been assured it will be available to download on "AyeTunes" which is a Durango, Mexico based media player and media library application.