GranTurismo4 or NFS Underground?

Should i just grab NFS Underground now, or wait until Feb (?) when the new GT comes out? Has anyone played NFS Underground? Any good?

My friend raves about NFS Underground. The courses look very different from GT games, you should probably get both. :)

My friend raves about it too, but I'm a pretty much a gt loyalist, i'd like to know more before getting NFS...

Buy NFS UG because you will really enjoy it.

By Feb it will be collecting dust, so time to grab GT4!

gt4 if you can only get 1 but if you are a car freak I heard NFSUG is cool... and who knows, GT4 might be delayed

i have need for speed underground and it has little replay value.


it has 112 races to beat and once you beat it.. there isn't much to do after that. it is fun yea but once you finish it just sucks. i say rent it and if you like it then buy it. also you can play online using broadband only but there are some cheaters out there.

I have been having a blast playing this game. It is great NFS and I will buy GT when it comes out as well.