Is this legal in Judo, or is it considered a leglock?

BTW is my terminology correct? (another name for what I'm thinking of is the lockdown ala Eddie Bravo)


the grapevine is usually refering to when you're full mounting someone and you entangle their legs so they can't get you off. The lockdown like bravo does or whatever you want to call it is legal in judo, but sport judo would probally not allow you enough time to use it for it's intended purposes. You'd probally just get stood up after seconds of working on it. But no, it's just a form of half guard, it's not supposed to be a submission. If you're thinking of the half guard leg lock that bravo does, that's different and is illegal in judo... but that's not what is called the lock down.

grapevine all you want. a good way to hold tate shiho (the mount) for the osaekomi pin. unless he knows how to break the hold by shooting his legs out straight and sliding them back in under his butt.. :-D

thanks guys.

Word of caution, if you do the grapevine, don't straighten your legs and arch your back. Basically you can hold and control, but not use it as any sort of joint lock.

Ben R.