graphic cards?

My graphic card is fucked up. Artifacts all over the muthafuckin screen. So im going to send it back and probably get my money back. Its a Geforce 7800GT

I havent followed the latest news. Whats the best card on the market right now? Is Nvidia still king of the hill?

What i noticed is that the 7900GT series is WAY cheaper than what i paid. If i get my money back i could buy a ATI X1900XT

Is ATIs cards superior now?

IMO you get what you pay for. I would always go quality over "power".

Wich is quality and wich is power then mate? :=)

Are you serious?

Look at any card. It will have different versions, almost without exception, the more you pay for it the better quality it will be. I'm saying I'd get my budget set, then get the best quality card in that budget (not the most powerful). JMO though, I'm sure others will disagree.

Who was the manufacturer of your card?


Its factory overclocked so im pretty sure thats why its gone haywire.