GRAPLE/Gracie Combatives

Have any of you guys been through the Gracie LE course? If so how was it?

Gracie SD curriculum modified slightly for LEO. If you have been grappling for a year and teach DT, you already know the stuff that works.

Graduation standards are not terribly strict. "Certification" in GRACIE and GRAPLE are only good for six months. That is either used as a money pot or just because they want to keep a tight leash on the "instructors" they are "certifying".

The Combatives course looks similar only that it costs a lot more and you get a Blue Belt out of it.

Thats is what I was expecting. I really like the looks of the ISR course. The challenge with that would be convincing my department to order the ISR 101 dvd's as I am not familiar with the program. I am the DT instructor in my department and a purple belt in BJJ.

Go with ISR Matrix


You are mistaken! YOU DO NOT GET A BLUE BELT when you complete the Gracie Combatives Instructor Program.

Rick T

If you are a DT instructor and already a Purple I dont think you will get much additional from this program that you dont already know. they used to make you recert every 6 months and of course for a fee.

"Is it possible for me to be awarded a blue belt upon the completion of the course?
No. Participation in the Gracie Combatives Instructor Certification Course does not equate to promotion to Blue Belt. Although you will learn every technique that is required for you to qualify you the Blue Belt, you will not be considered for promotion until you have spent several months perfecting the techniques and developing your reflexes by teaching the course at your school."

When this program first came out, it was advertised that completion of the training and instructor certification would result in the achievement of "technical blue belt". If this has changed, then so be it. But that was how it was presented and received.

I remember supporters of the program coming on and trying to argue that awarding a blue belt after such a short time was not unreasonable as it was not a significant achievement and shouldn't take more than a few months anyway and that the week long course was essentially the same thing as far as training hours. Those who had been training for years, justifiably took exception.

 I'm doing this tomorrow and tuesday

if your a blue or above, it will be an expensive review of what you already know. plus alot of these guys leave this course thinking they have secret bjj leo moves and forget them all in a week. the stedy practicioner of bjj is better off instructing rather than some dude they sent to a week long class