Grappled with a newbie last night BJJ class. I'm about 66kgs, he was somewhere around the 80kg mark or above, a muscle/gym nut. He was going at about 110% aggression at me.

He comes from an aikido background so naturally he was trying all sorts of wristlocks on me until he figured out it was all worth shit on the ground with no leverage or positioning, since I wasn't running towards him with a telegraphed head chop.

To make things worse I had him in the guard and he tried picking me up and slamming me on the ground. He didn't really go for a huge slam though but geez I was pissed about that.

What do you guys normally do to people like that? Do you not say anything and keep on grappling? Or do you say a few words? Give him hell back everytime you grapple for the next couple of weeks?

what you get from newbies may not help your sport grappling, but i think it really helps your streetfighting. it's a different game, but thats the kind of energy you're going to get from a streetfighter. enjoy it for what it's worth.

" slamming is allowed in my class, not to hard. But enough to let the person know that they could have just been owned."

Which bjj tournaments is slamming allowed?

12,000 + posts and you have never encountered a first time grappling spaz?

Maybe you should train more and post less.

12,000 + posts and you have never encountered a first time grappling spaz?"

not one who tried aikido wristlocks and slamming.

"none that i know of."

exactly. true not everyone trains sport bjj, but we do. sometimes we talk about street applications though. anyway this guy has been coming to a handful of classes over the past month or two already.

I just came here to say i am not from fight sport.

I swear.

No really.

By the way if he don't play by your rules why should you.

I just try to remain as relaxed as possible (so they hopefully realize how stupid they look going at you like a madman).
And try to wear them out and let them exert themselves as much as possible - once they are dog-tired calmly take them out (or just keep pushing them harder).

When people pick you up to slam, you stand up.

rorian's tourney allows slamming. remember? theres a video at of cam getting slammed by a young gracie and ketting KOd. the slam doesnt look very hard but his head flopped against the mat and he was out.

  • which case young gracie is badass but then wrestler that did it after that has "no technique."

guillotines, and let em tire out while u r on bottom. usually they r suckers for an omo plata

let them get tired, and use hard and painful positioning and subs on them. When they try to pick you up, you have to be expecting that, be ready for it, hook their inside leg with your arm. they'll only get up a few inches, and burn their arms and legs out trying.

Take top position and side mount him until he's tired. If he's a better wrestler than you, play an open guard. Don't let him get a hold of anything. If he can pass your guard, he's not much of a newbie.


First I'll try to sweep so I can take top position and terrorize him. If he's hard to sweep I'll try to take his back.

Use some jiu-jitsu and tap him out repeatedly.

Try not to let bad emotions get involved too much in sparring. He's just another body to spar with, in a sense ;)

Every sparring partner gives you a different energy, which is great for you. You are lucky to have this guy to spar with, just like you are lucky to be sparring with all the other people in your gym. In the case of this aikido bodybuilder, he will be giving you a great lesson in how to counter stand ups and slams from within your guard. Other people might give you great lessons and exercise in how to be aware of leg locks. For other guys, it might be neck cranks when they mount you. All of this will only make you better. Just relax. In a short while, it will be very hard for people to slam you from within your guard.

My .00005 cents.

Put that guy to sleep

Yee-haa for the grappling Spaz's of the world!

Kai is correct

I agree with the last couple of messages. Use this as an opportunity to try different techniques or polish old and unused ones. A new student will have a different perspective and will grapple in an unpolished and raw way. Don't get sucked into the regular flow of things if you are training for self defence. Not everyone fights the same way. Just make sure you don't get hurt. If you have a serious concern then ask him to tone it down, otherwise, take the bruises and learn (and help teach) what you can.

I'm worried that people get so used to the punch, ki-ai, block, kick routine that if someone else comes in with a different set of techninques they don't know what to do.