"GRAPPLEFEST" annual Outdoor event

"GRAPPLEFEST" 2nd annual Outdoor event w/music, food..

Event Date: 02-Jul-05 Event Time: 9:00 am Location: Kings Mountain, SC, Phone: (704)300-6253 Event Email: wayne_anthonyhuss@yahoo.com Event Website: http://www.grappler.us Event Contact: Anthony Huss

July 1-2, 2005 is the date for the 2nd annual GrappleFest competition. A festival themed around Grappling and other martial arts, with something the whole family can get into! Music, Food, Fun, Contests. If you enjoyed last year's GrappleFest, small though it was, then this year's will be on your "TO DO LIST"!

This year's event will be an OUTDOOR martial arts festival that will blow your mind! A completely original concept based off of last year's GrappleFest event. It will come on the weekend following the week-long Combat College training camp by Huss Hybrid Combat College. For those who wish to train hard all week long with a wide variety of kickass instructors at our mountaintop camp, All levels and ages are welcome(separate schedules). Finish off the week with a full day of competition. For details contact us.

Private cabins and accommodations for +100!

Non-competitors are welcome too! It is a lot of fun to watch, plus we could use our own cheerleading section. We are out to show that Martial Arts are something the whole family can enjoy. There will be something for everyone!

This year's GrappleFest will feature a wide variety of martial arts competitions for ALL conceivable forms of Grappling: Submission Grappling, Ju-Jitsu, Folkstyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo, Scottish Highland Wrestling, Sumo, Backhold Wrestling, Sambo, etc. There will also be something for those who prefer striking! This 2nd annual GrappleFest will host:

"TAP FACTOR" Championship Tournament: =====================================

Pure Grappling across the wide spectrum of grappling styles(see above). The division Champions will be awarded with their well-earned titles, belt, and a big surprise(sorry folks, I want to keep THIS part under wraps until the day of.)

"BATTLE CRY" Championship Tournament: =====================================

BATTLE CRY, a DMA(Dual Martial Art) format competition will be introduced. One match of striking will be followed by one match of pure grappling (no striking allowed in 2nd match). Striking(Kung Fu) and Grappling, test yourself categorically! Prove your strengths, find your weaknesses. IF you think you've got what it takes... The division Champions will be awarded with their well-earned titles, belt, and a big surprise(sorry folks, I want to keep THIS part under wraps until the day of.)

"KING OF THE MOUNTAIN": =======================

Unlike anything you've ever seen! Made this stuff up myself. Compete and win prizes! Both TEAM and individual games. Putting your skills to the test in a way that's,....Outside the Box! More details to follow.

"LONG-TABLE BANQUET" ====================

There will be cabins available for those wishing to come early. Competitors get first choice! Come early Friday, weigh-in first, pig out with us in the dining hall, and then retire to your cabin to rest up for Saturday's challenges.

The will also be a banquet/party/jamboree Saturday night after the day is over. All Champion's will have reserved seats at the head of the long-table. Wine, Dine, and make Merry....


Sponsored by: SOBE beverage company MMA.TV Onthemat.com YMCA House of Pain C.A.D.R.E. Combat College Huss Hybrid Combat College Trophies Forever C&S Rapid Copies Carolina Cup Capitol Cup etc. For booths or sponsorship contact us.

More info to follow, go to www.grappler.us (or) www.battlecry.tv

Regards, Anthony Huss