GrappleMania 2 on "Pay per View"!

I heard that GrappleMania 2 was going to be on "pay per View". That`s awsome, does anyone know any more info on this?

thanks, Marc

what is grapplemania?

i hav a below average IQ but I would surmize that it is a grappling tourny. Can anyone confirm.

it is,takes place in England i think,or in the Carolina's.i've got a hangover so can't remember which one.

It's a tournament in NC in Wake Forest. Go to I think. I think it's going to be on be on for the pay per view.

it most certainly will be on PPV!!! See everyone there!!!


ttt for Grapplemania on PPV!!!!

Grapplemania is shaping up to be of the years very best events in North Carolina.

TTT for Grapplemania

Bad Breed will webcast Grapplemania II finals.

ttt for Grapplemania and Badbreed