Grappler Networking Site

Hey I didn't know if you guys knew about this, but it's something that I've been using. It's is called Jiu-Jitsu Share and is basically a social networking site for jiu-jitsu people. One of my instructors, Phil Migliarese, made it. The web address is:

It's pretty cool and helped me with a lot of my questions with jiu-jitsu. People posted several responses with video on there. The fact that all of video is on-topic is very nice when searching for matches or techniques. Some of it is original and uploaded to that site; some of it embedded from other sites like youtube. But it is all on-topic.

It is also nice to connect with several of my teammates from other affiliates. The entire site is a lot like myspace for grappling. However, Phil thought a lot of the other sites like myspace were becoming too commercial or full of trolls, and I can't blame him. Jiu-Jitsu share has a nice vibe and is not too obtrusive. Everyone there is cool and out to share knowledge instead of arguing how their style is better or someone else's style is worse. So check it out!