Grapplers Challenge VA May 1st?

Anyone with some more info about this would be of great help.



I know there is GrappleMania on May 1st in NC. Maybe you are confused with the event location.


If there is an event in Va I'd like to know more about it since I may be traveling down to Wake Forest on the 1st for GrappleMania.

Okay, I got a number today about the May 1st event in Quantico VA. It's been post-poned to around July due to "such a large response and the gym here has no bleachers" I knew also about the May 1st Grapple Mania event and I guess we'll be going there now. Hey, why does the website for the Grapple mania event have July 12th flashing? I emailed the event site admin to find out.



Grapplemania is May 1st in Wake Forest, NC,,,,,,,website is updated