Grappler's Choice

Anyone using these gis? What are they like?

Good .etc

We use them at our club. They're a good BJJ gi. We've had no problems with them.


Thanks, gents.

I have one. It shrunk about 2 sizes in normal wash but I was told it would do this so I got a size to budget for shrink. It is really comfortable, strong and bends well, and it does not turn into carboard after washing like some cheap gi's. The pants are a tough fabric. I have an expensive Addidas Judo/grappling one and the Grapplers Choice is actually a better gi in my opinion. Very good value for $130'ish. I am going to get another when I am Syndey next.


Pants ripped foot to crutch after about 10 wears.

The jacket is fine


I see no problem there Oli ;)

hi gents, just wondering where u guys bought the gi's?


We get our Grapplers Choice from Shogun Martial Arts in Penrith Sydney.

Here's the link for the uniform...


Hey Coops

the pants ripping was no problem me swinging my belt above my head doing the snakes hips was

I've worn my gi pants about 8 times now and no tear. But that is good to know, I will really have to remember to wear undies for the next few weeks - just in case...

DJV, maybe you dont put quite the same stress on the pants Oli does? :p

and once again Oli, I see no problem with that

Must be Oli and what's in his pants. We've been using Grapplers Choice at our club for Months and never had a problem.

Interesting question, was it a blue or white gi? I had a blue gi, that because of the bleaching and dying process weakened the fibers and the pants would constatnly rip. Had to get a whole new pair of pants.


thanks for the link Elvis

Mine shrunk about three sizes as well and the pants look like peddle pushers now. Also the jacket's sleave is nearly up to my elbow.

I've had a white one for about a year and just bought another. Nice gi.

They won't shrink that much after the initial wash if you stick to a cold water wash and don't use tumble dryers.