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I'm thinking of buying the Grappler's Guide to Sports Nutrition. What are your thoughts on it? Worth buying?

It's very good. I highly recommend it.


I'll second that

Buy it yesterday

Here is my review from a while back.

Grapplers Guide to Nutrition Review

When the book arrived in the mail, I eagerly opened the envelope. I pulled it out and thought "how can this skinny little book hold all the information a grappler might need to achieve their nutritional goals?"

Well, as I read it cover to cover, I found that it does have everything one may need and more. In my almost 20 years in the fitness industry I have found that the topic of nutrition causes the most confusion. There are so many Diets and supplements, so much pseudo-science and down right misinformation it can make your head spin. I have read hundreds of books and found most of them sadly wanting. In the Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition there finally is a book that clearly and concisely covers the topic of performance nutrition for grapplers.

I feel that the Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition truly lives up to its name. It is a guide, a treasure map if you will. I am confident that when the principals in this book are followed properly, athletes will find the treasure of better health, improved body composition, and enhanced performance that Michael Fry and John Berardi outline as the cornerstones to any successful nutrition program.

Now let's discuss the GGTSN.

This book is excellent. It will help not only grapplers but anyone who reads it, in three distinct ways:

  1. You will learn the importance of good nutrition and how it can impact performance.

  2. You will have a plan to follow that is straight forward and simple.

  3. You will learn how to cut weight in the safest manner possible.

I really like the lay out and basic design of the book. Each section is clear and concise. Each section ends with a wrap-up which highlights the key points that were just outlined. All the information you need is there, laid out in an easy to follow format. The sections have a natural flow, each chapter building nicely on the one before.

Some of the highlights of the book include:

1.The 10 rules to achieve success with your nutrition plan

2.The Ten rules cheat sheet

3.The 21 Super foods. The GGTSN teaches you about 21 foods you should be eating more of and why these super foods are so super.

4.Plans for both workout and competition nutrition

5.What supplements you should be using to maximize success.

6.Simple diet template examples for athletes of different weights

7.In depth explanations of how and why these strategies work.

8.Two, safe, straight forward methods for athletes to cut weight.

9.A specific method to help athletes learn to analyze their plan and make corrections when needed.

10.Further resources to explore for those who want to dig even deeper.

I can honestly say that I will personally be using many of these strategies with my grappling athletes in the months to come. Further more I like the nutrition model so much I am going to adopt it as my own and see what I can achieve over the next few months by implementing these ideas into my own regimen.

When I received my copy of the Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition, I also was lucky enough to get a copy of the e-book Gourmet Nutrition. Gourmet Nutrition is a perfect compliment to the Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition.

Gourmet Nutrition tells you everything you need to know to be successful including:

1.What exactly you need in your kitchen and what you must not have, if you are to succeed. This includes the food, the appliances, utensils, even the spices.

2.Where, when, and how to shop for food.

3.Which nutritional supplements to have on hand at all times.

4.How to cook all the meals and perform all the required techniques.

5.Why you should be eating the foods they've chosen. (with articles on every food)

6.Why food intolerances should not be tolerated and what to do about them.

7.Recipes that are broken not only into specific food categories such as seafood, beef, etc but also designate the "feedings" as "Any time meals" or "Post workout" nutrition.

The 1-2 Punch!

Combined with the e-book Gourmet Nutrition, The Grapplers Guide to Sports Nutrition will give Athletes, Coaches and Trainers every bit of information they could possibly need to reach both their aesthetic and athletic goals.

Well, that's my review. Out of respect for the authors I am not going to go into further detail about all the awesome information contained within the pages of these two great books. But, I will say this. Michael Fry and John Berardi have really taken all the guess work out of sports nutrition for grapplers. All you have to do is buy these books, follow the plan, and see and feel the improvements for yourself. The only sad thing is I know there are lots of folks who will buy them and then never actually go any further then that. After all it can't be that simple. The book will be placed on the shelf with about 10-20 other books and they will continue their search for the magic routine / formula for success...Pssst, it's right there.

Do yourself a favor and check out these books.


excellent books

Great book and Mike Fry is a hell of a guy.

Thanks again Taku for your great review...

Glad you guys are enjoying it.


Very good. I like it. I bought PN before GN, both have the same stuff in general guidelines, but GN is specific and addresses specific issues like cutting weight. So I have applied GN to myself and other grappling athletes I work alongside with, but my family gets the PN stuff. But it's a sharing relationship and a price difference of around $60. GN is of course cheaper, but doesn't come with the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook and fancy binder like PN.

Just ordered the GGTSN from Amazon.

Taku, please cut and paste your excellent review of the book and place it on Amazon's review area for the book. I'm sure the authors will be very grateful and it will help others make a good choice.

I bought Grapplers guide and liked it so much I bought Gourmet Nutrition after reading it, I made my first meal from GN yesterday, Coconut chicken it was delicious.

get it, its awesome

"Taku, please cut and paste your excellent review of the book and place it on Amazon's review area for the book. I'm sure the authors will be very grateful and it will help others make a good choice. "

That would be great TAKU if you would do that. Also if anyone would take the time to review the book on Amazon Dr. Berardi and I would be grateful


great book!