Grapplers Inc Super Fights!

Black Belt Super Fight:

Josh Russell - Gracie Barra Calgary Ab. vs Harold Utterback - Gracie Humaita/Team Megaton Eugene Or.

Brown Belt Super Fight:

Logan Lidemark - Gracie Barra Vancouver vs Todd Smith - Marcus Soares/Dynamic MMA.

I have some more matches in the works.

Stay tuned.


the superfight between Josh Russell and Harold should be great.

Both guys have killer armlocks

Cant wait till Saturday


$50.00 bonus if you pull off 2 turtle guard sweeps from ME

Good News - Bad News...

Bad News - Todd Smith had to pull out of his match due to work obligations.

Good News - Dan Dlask (Gracie Barra Chilliwack) vs Chris Cerna (Gracie Barra Seattle) will be the replacement Brown Belt Super Match.

Results? :D

ttt for results.

I had to leave shortly after my no-gi division and was unable to compete in Gi division due to a previous commitment.

Good tourny though.

There was only one superfight. One guy couldn't get across the border and another pulled out. Danny stepped up at the last minute and fought like a champ, but lost on points.

Good Job Tom Montes,

Looking forward to Sub Series next.