Grapplers Quest May 13

The next GQ tournament is May 13th in NJ, both gi and no gi. Spider is fighting in a pro division, and looks like there should be some exciting fights.

Anyone going?

Whats a Grapplers Quest? Is it sanctioned by the CJA? Is there point sparring?

I only see Absolute Divisions for the Gi?!

Whats an Absoluet division? Is that when they combine three divisiosn if nobody show up?

No tournament is worth going to Jersey for. What a shithole.

"No tournament is worth going to Jersey for. What a shithole"

It is a shithole, for sure. But for most divisions, if you like to compete, this is where you need to go, or so I understand.

ttt for Spider fighting in a pro division!!!

TTT 4 Spider!!!

I was just being stupid. Grapplers Quest tournaments are awesome. They always have alot of competitors and really good superfights or pro divisions

I was talking to Spider yesterday and he excited to be in the pro division.

Go Spider

DOMINator lets go on another raod trip!! The philly crew will be there, it'll be fun!