Grapplers quest results!!!!!!!!!



Pro Lightweight: Jacobs beat Fowler 7-0, pass to mount Tavares beat Damon by points, a few sweeps, not sure of exact score Teo beat Glover with a straight ankle lock Mrkulic beat Useless with a toe hold
Tavares beat Jacobs on points (not sure how much) Teo beat Mrkulic by rear naked choke

Tavares beat Teo 16-0

Pro Welterweight: Popovitch beat Torres-Aponte by kimura I think Kahn beat Parham by armbar Sanchez beat Tolone by submission I think but I forget which one Williams beat Hassett I believe by points, not sure

Popovitch beat Kahn by points Sanchez beat Williams by points I think

Sanchez beat Popovitch by advantage

Pro Middleweight Phungephorn beat Pearce by I think points Amal Easton stepped in and beat Noah Spear by armbar Joe D'Arce beat Chris Moriarty by points I think Someone beat James Brasco by I completely forget

Phungephorn beat Easton either by points or advantage, it was a good match D'Arce beat someone by something

D'Arce beat Phungephorn in finals OT by points

Pro Light Heavy Macauley beat DeLima by kneebar Garcia beat Kronenberg by points Marshall beat Teixeira by armbar Ferreira beat Migliarese by points

Garcia beat Macauley by points in a war Ferreira beat Marshall by points I think

Pro Heavy Jorge Oliveira beat Carpenter by points Sandull beat Muller by points Marcos Oliveira beat Stano by points I think Patterson beat Tyler by I forget

Sandull beat Oliveira by points or advantage or something Patterson beat Oliveira by guillotine

Patterson beat Sandull by submission but the kind of submission escapes my mind

Advanced Flyweight Jeff Glover tapped out Glenn Ortiz in the first round with a rear naked choke... ...then tapped out Nick Cottone in the semis with a triangle (Cottone beat Joey Capizzi [sp?] in the 1st round) Andre Soares beat Luis Figuerera in the semis by I think points (not sure on first round match)... ...then tapped out Glover in the finals with a kneebar.

Advanced Featherweight Didn't catch much of this division but, Fowler beat Alfred Teo in the first round on points in a technical match, then won the division I think winning 2 more matches

Advanced Lightweight Jared Weiner beat 3 guys for 1st place... first round - won 9-0 over the forums Dietzel Fett 2nd round - armbar 3rd round - 2-0 against Brian Mclaughlin

Jamal Patterson won the Tapout award for Fighter of the Day winning all 3 of his matches in the hwt. division by submission.

The lwt. division was unbelievable. Jacobs upsetting Fowler. Teo subbing Jeff Glover and Mike MrKrulic. Tavares beating 3 awesome fighters. man, that was something to watch.

ttt for an awesome day/event

sounds awesome!

Has GQ already had an event where they put the East Coasts best vs. the best from the West? I'd love to see the guys from Renzo and the other East Coast schools do against what the West has to offer.

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After seeing both Diego and Pablo Popovitch competing a couple months back at GQ in Vegas, I'm surprised Diego came home with the title in the Jersey event. Diego looked like an animal that day but also looked very raw with much refinement to do. Big props for this guy, submission events aren't even his forte if you ask me, he's way more dangerous in a MMA fight.

Sounds like a greattt event!

ttt for glen sandul...not bad for a white belt

all aroung great event..good to see guys at such high levels competing

ttt for Jared, that's awesome. Good fucking job, dude.

Jared was very tough


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