Grapplers who get Stoned and Roll

What well known Grapplers get stoned occasionally when they roll.

Dan Black in 3... 2... 1...

Eddie Bravo


I like to roll while I'm getting high.

If I start to lose, I just put the joint out on the other guys head. Suddenly I get good position.

"What well known Grapplers get stoned occasionally when they roll."

Am I well known? No? Then I don't know of anybody.

Iam sure Eddie Bravo, him and Joe Rogan love to chief..

I'd like to know this seriouosly. How many people that train also smoke. Do you burn before you roll? After? Just once in a while, or are you an every day toker? Inquiring minds want to know!

I can't imagine rolling after drinking...forget about it.

oh and to be clear, I don't mean well known grapplers/fighters. I just mean regular dudes like us that like to train.

bombshelter, I agree with that! Sometimes I feel too good to smoke afterwards though, so I jsut don't

I do it.

my grappling instructor is a BJJ Black Belt and all around bad-ass. He gets stoned regularly and usually reeks of pot during class. The only way this effects him is sometimes he has to be reminded what is going on in a long chain of subs/counters. Other than that, he fucking owns people who are much bigger and much not-stoneder.

I rolled after consuming 12 tequilla shots and did very well actually. I flowed a lot more and transitioned a lot better. After, however, i felt horrible.

I don't roll, but oftentimes I'll blaze up before working out, which usually consists of weights, yoga, and cardio.

It only seems to affect me positively IMO, but then again I've always had great cardio.

Everyday smoker here... I roll high and sober, don't notice much of a difference.
Did have an MMA fight drunk once. Not good. The match was pretty much a draw (we were both wasted), but I failed to sink 3 different triangles. Plus I got cracked good a few times.

I like rolling on percocets much better. Sometimes rolling while on weed I feel like my heart is out of rythm.

never been stoned much less rolled while stoned

I've usually got a cigarette in the corner of my mouth while I roll.

I have to admit that maryjane is responsible for about 90% of my techniques


I can't remember a time when I was drunk and didn't roll and/or fight.