Grapplers who get Stoned and Roll

If you asked this question anywhere but here...

Just about every Brazilian BB I've met smokes weed!! lol

Train daily,smoke daily,but never train after smokin,only at night.Alot of us in south Fla. who train seriously also burn.Most don't even know.

Now if only I could quit drinking entirely, I'd be a lot healthier!

Long term affects of weed are far, FAR less damaging!

I've heard that Nino Schembri used to sit on the edge of the mat and toke up while watching people roll and he'd automatically know thier gameplans dominate them afterwards.

ive been stoned almost every time ive every trained and i think i do ok...all the best guys i know catch a buzz quite does make that first wind a bitch tho...


When I started wrestling way back I did a few times, but then after rolling straight more, I couldn't go back.

STRAIGHT EDGE is it disgraceful again?

i smoke out alot now when i say alot i mean ALOT!!!!!!!!!!! but i can never smoke and go train. after a hard session of training, when you're complettely exhausted, nothin feels better than to warm up the vaporizer and just get completely annihilated. nothing helps me sleep better

The two don't go together.

whos rolled while rolling? rofl

"Just about every Brazilian BB I've met smokes weed"

true and most of the BJJ guys also

I'm a Pepsi man. I AM part of the Next Generation!

Only time I have ever been injured by a training partner is when I made the mistake of working with someone who was buzzed. It was stupid stuff too. Their control was just not there, and I ended up paying the price.

They acted completely surprised that they had applied enough pressure to cause injury. In each case, not only was excessive pressure used, but they exploded into the submission full force. No time to tap, no time to do anything. Then I get to miss training time because of their addiction.

You roll while you are buzzed, your judgement is impaired. It is irresponisble and disrespectful to your training partners.

I have made it a point now that if I smell it on them (pot, alcohol), then I simply will not work with them. Flame away about how it does not impair judgement or perception, that is bull. Talk abotu how people should be free to do what they want, but when it directly impacts me physically, financially, etc... then I will take it issue with it.

Sounds like General Nuisance is rambling on like a stoner right now.

When under the influence of Marijuana your mind is at ease and you are more relaxed.

You can smoke pot focus on your technique and breathing because you are relaxed and "in tha zone"

That being said...I have not...and will never smoke drugs.