Grapplers with long nails

I hate rolling with people who have long fingernails and end up scratching you all over!!!!

It is espicially prevalent in one group of people. That is all I am going to say.

lol point out evertime they scratch you

hmmm...length of nails is a safety policy enforced where I train (yes, I've been told mine were too long before - lol)...ask her to cut them pointing out the potential harm...accidental eye gouge is one thing, but with fingernails too - OUCH!

People with long fingernails suck. I won't roll with them and will not hesitate to tell them why.

toe nail cuts on your legs suck

filthy bastards...

yeah that's gross and rude. personal hygiene is a top priority.

I have a scar on my left hand right now from a certain fellow named Adam LaClair.

You have been warned.


Always carry clippers and loan them to people in need. I usually cut mine at practice. I'm to busy to think about it at other times...

At my school we have a couple in a drawer for everyone to use. It helps a lot for if you forget to cut yours before you come.

Toe nails are the worst. Grapevined legs from mount and half guard seem to be worst positions when rolling with someone with dagger toes.

I hate those too.