GrappleThon Supporting RapeCrisis Streams Tomorrow

In an effort to do something positive, myself and various other grapplers from around the UK will be grappling for 24 hours in support of the charity RapeCrisis. They work to increase awareness about sexual violence, press for change and help survivors.

We've raised almost £7,000 for RapeCrisis so far (still taking donations: JustGiving works wherever you are in the world) and the event is tomorrow. If anybody wants to follow along, the live stream starts at 9am (UK time) on Saturday 4th May, here:

Donation link here:

Ttt for a great cause! Phone Post 3.0

I assume you're trolling, but in case not, the RapeCrisis I'm referring to is on, which is certainly not owned by Lloyd Irvin. Neither is

Both urls are for charities, one in the UK, the other in the US.



Well done to the all the participants
Great effort Slidey Phone Post

Thanks guys. The current team total stands at £8,406.97 for RapeCrisis: we're still taking donations, so hopefully that is going to keep rising. :)

Excessively long write-up here:


What do you mean by writing "various other grapplers from around the UK" and using that crazy money symbol?

--Y'all ain't 'merican?

Well, hot damn I knew something was weird about all this!!

All this time acting like you're normal/regular fellers and your FOREIGNERS!! Christ on crutches don't that beat all?

Good luck with your event, but that was VERY sneaky of you.

I have a Canadian brother-in-law, if that helps? ;p

On the topic of foreigners, JustGiving works from anywhere in the world: there have been quite a few big donations from the US, which has been really cool to see. :D