grappling/BJJ shoes

what would any of you recommend as a good choice to use?

I recommend


i've worn adidas since high school. for me, they're the most comfortable. just go try some on.

lol @ Gator Man cuz i'm a blue belt. i only wear 'em for straight up wrasslin though.

Thanks for the info. guys, I rally like the look of the UGS's. I'm gonna go check out some Addias's tomorrow.

Gator Man, I agree completely, but I was kinda attached to my big toenail til lastnight,LOL. I know, the guys I roll with asked me what I was clawing for. Wish I could post a pic for you guys, Lovely it is.

I've never wrestled in my life and I'm not a blue belt but I wear shoes when I roll and when I compete if I've got them with me.


Because I don't want mat burn, I've had a toe broken, I hate to cut my toe nails, and I've got a bad ankle and shoes help me out with that.

Plus it makes the pure water guys think I'm a wrestler.


I hate to cut my toe nails,

this makes me question your all-around hygenie bro.

I've always like Asics best. If price is a consideration for you, consider the decent selection of discontinued and low stock shoes at

No offense taken Gator Man. I take everyone ones advice here with a graet deal of interest, and try to put it all to use, and pass it on to others I roll w/ that have the same issues. So, no man no offense taken and keep any advice coming.

I just got into the BJJ/grappling about 4mo. ago, after about a 3.5 year layoff from anything closely related to combat sports. The last time I had anything to do with this sort of stuff was when the MARINE CORPS sent me too Close Combat Instructor course in 1998, and I instructed at the school of infantry til 2001. After I left the CORPS, I left it all behind me. Then about 4 mo. ago I found a guy that lives 3 miles from me is a former Cucci, Averitt college buddy and later a student, along w/ some Pedro Sauer time under his purple belt(I believe that's right). He's in his mid 40's and does this on his time in his basement for free, every night to include weekends. He usually tries to get over to Va. Beach once a month to roll and stay current in his teachings. I'm gonna try and get over there with him as soon as get the dough saved up. Those lesson's we have to pay for.

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I was looking to buy wrestling shoes, Adidas Pretereo, and went to my local Sports Authority. They were $48. I then went online and they were $30 plus the 2nd pair of shoes, any other shoe I believe, I bought 2 pairs of Adidas, the 2nd pair was $15. It was buy one, get 2nd for 50% off. After shipping I paid $53 so for $5 more I get a 2nd pair of shoes.

20% off. Their Adidas Pretereo were $30 - 20% off = $24 plus shipping which is back to $30. Still a good deal.

I bought a pair of UGS and I roll with them because I keep injuring /splitting my big toe when I spar - til the point that its painful to walk the next day. I don't know why that keeps happening as only the right big toe splits.

These shoes aren't really shoes but have soft suede sole and a really soft leather upper which holds the foot and toes together. I've had my toes tweaked and jammed, etc. No more of these problems since. I would recommend them. Their customer service is also good.


You might be right about the shoes, but Rigan Machado wore a blue gi during his seminar here, as did a couple of local black belts who also attended, one of whom has competed in several UFC's. Not exactly beginners.

I like Asics - but I use them more for standup training, or if I have a foot injury. Barefoot is usually recommended for BJJ because of foot sensitivity.

But Rigan also wore socks ;-)

I'll probably get some to wear for a while atleast til my big toenail grows back and heals completely. But I completely understand about the no shoe's and foot sensitivity, so wearing the shoes will be a temp thing for sure. As far as the GI, the guy I train w/ said to just buy a white one for training purposes. I myself prefer not to wear one at all, but thats how they train so I'll go along with it for now.

Thanks for all the replies.

LOL, my instructor wheres a blue gi top. The blue die doesnt seem to have any negative implications on his abilities.


Gatorman, funny thing is...I found a picture of Jacare in a black gi and Traven in a Blue gi.

Traven was also rolling with just socks on.

I also have been looking at and have seen many pics with people training with blue gis at Jacare's school.

Did Jacare tell you this or did you make these rules up yourself?

lol, nothing gayer, except a man worried about what another man is wearing...

how about someone wearing a black gi, black earguards, black wresting shoes with a white belt?

you would like that wouldn't you :)

wear whatever u want to wear ...PERioD!

the blue gi thing is so stupid

Gator Man: When did you come to these conclusions about gi colour? BTW - I wear white gis only.