Grappling cardio

What are some of your favorite cardio workouts for grappling? The one i did today was:

I started off jump roping for a minute or two then carried the heavy bag about 15 yards where i had a 65 pound barbell,and a 20 pound medicine ball set up; i did three jumps with each of those and then three depth jumps; then i carried the heavy back to the jump rope, and jumped rope for around 2 minutes. I did this three times and then did some footwork around the mat mixed with some level changes, shots and sprawls. Then i went back and did this circiut three more times.

Taku intervals on a versaclimber!

Scrapper had a great workout, I don't have it in front of me tho, but it consisted of 1 minute rounds of skills like focus pads or kicks, then sprint then back to another skill. I am sure Scrapper will post it if you ask.
Somthing I have added to my cardio training is using a resistance cable, like LifeLine or Iron Woody's etc,
secure it around your waist, then get into a bearwalk positon and crawl. I go until the resistance jerks me back and hit it again. Great improvement and skill crossover during the clinch game.

takus intervals
sledgehammer work
barrel carries
non wtt gpp ciructis burpees etc in combo with sledge work

endless combinations

coach hale

Sledge work is the best, i have a 10lber right now but im gettin a 20lber soon.

I enjoy the Team Quest grappling circuit