Grappling For Gifts 2021 (sick kid charity)

It’s that time of year again! Time to start raising money to help all my little friends in the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. The Underground has really come through for me the last few years, and I’m forever grateful. You merry band of weirdos, cucks, fanooks, tough guys and perverts are responsible for a lot of smiles. I mean a LOT of smiles. Smiles on kids that might not have anything to smile about.

Grappling For Gifts is now entering its 6th year. We have raised over $25,000 that went to toys, games, clothes, art supplies, hygiene products and more for a bunch of kids that really need it. So I am here once again to ask for your support. And by support, I mean money. :wink:

Please go to my website and check out what it’s all about!

Also if you own a gym and would like to host an open gym event to benefit Grappling For Gifts I would love to talk! Or if you are within a few hours of Peoria, IL and would like to have a ruggedly good-looking black belt give a seminar at your school we can talk about that too! We are also always looking for donation items to enter into our raffle as this years has started off kind of slow.

Thanks for listening! Godspeed UG/OG!



IN! Donation sent:)


My man!!! Thank you!!!


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just another bump for anyone that might want to donate to a fun cause. I also have a raffle. Every $20 is an entry. Only 3 things in the raffle thus far. Kinda slow this year.

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Donated last couple yrs.

Top men…can we get this pinned to the top??


thank you brother!

Count me the fuck IN.

We’ll do another fundraiser this year. I’ve been very much looking forward to it.

And for the record, OP is absolutely 100% without a doubt legit. A man of his word who goes above and beyond.

Donate with confidence.

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thanks my man! you were instrumental for us last year. you and Fiz both turned a shitty year into something special.

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If @Altofsky has one of his stock blades available, I will buy it and you can add it to the raffle

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As luck would have it, I’ll have about a dozen for you to choose from shortly. Should be ready next week.

Happy to help my friend. Kiddos deserve a good Christmas.

awesome, let me know

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I would be willing to put a knife in there as well. They aren’t to your quality but they will cut.

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You guys are incredible! The support of this place is second to none.

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ttt for support of a great cause.

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