Grappling For Gifts 2021 (sick kid charity)

Fuck yes! November deadline work for you? I wanna get the cash in his hands early enough to grab up some good shit for the kids.

Donated. Great thing you’re doing here.

I should be able too. Just need to get feeling better.

Thank you so much man! OG is such a generous bunch!

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Alright you beautiful man, small contribution to the go fund from overseas. Great thing you are doing…

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thank you brother!

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I’m a god damn 6’5” 240 lbs black belt…… and this place is about to bring to tears with it generosity today. Fuck. You guys have no idea what you are setting up for a bunch of kids.

The Children’s Hospital of Illinois is a premier kids hospital. There are kids from all over the country and world in there at any time. You never know… a kid from your town might get something bc of you!



I haven’t donated to anything here in years due to fuckery, if @Altofsky gives his stamp, I’m in

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This is legit

Yeah I’m legit. This is something in my life I feel a real passion for. I want this to grow and grow and grow! The OG is a big part of making that happen!

I’m also currently waiting on the IRS to approve my 501c3 status as a true non-profit. They are taking their sweet ass time about it. I’d like to be able to give you guys charitable write-offs eventually!