Grappling For Gifts 2021 (sick kid charity)

Thank you brother!!!

I am making a separate thread for the knife (or is it knives) that I am making for the raffle. I really hope I don’t screw these up.

My man!!! The OG is the best place on the net.

Also… the CHOI told me to go heavy on playdoh… well I couldn’t sit around anymore and started to spend donation money.

This is what about $1100 in PlayDoh looks like! And this is just the beginning! My basement smells like childhood :slight_smile:

I like the share these pics with you guys bc you are all such a huge part of this. Every piece here will take a kids mind off of their situation for a while.

I’ve gotten some feed back recently from the Child Advocacy people at the hospital telling us (telling my wife) how much they appreciate what we do every year and how it really does make a difference at Xmas and throughout the year. This thing wouldn’t be 1/10 as successful without you guys.

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In case any BJJers are close to STL-area…

I am giving a BJJ seminar on some of my favorite techniques on Saturday November 13 from 10-12pm at Strategic BJJ in Alton, IL. All money collected goes to a charity that I personally run - Grappling For Gifts. I’m not young or a world champ, just ruggedly handsome. I’ve been a black belt for 8 years and I train out of the Peoira Athletic Club in Peoria, IL. I got my black belt from Megaton Dias, Jack McVicker and Brad Peplow. Ive been a round a while LOL

If you are interested in having fun and donating to a great cause please give this a look! 100% will go to buying gifts, clothes, games, supplies, etc for the kids that are in the Childrens Hospital of Illinois.

All links below! Thank everyone!

I wish the picture upload feature was working. I just finished hand sanding on the 3 knife set I am donating for the raffle. They look pretty awesome. I hope to have them completed in a week or two.

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shit yeah! are you throwing it in with Alto’s??? The OG is so nice to me that I get al these things mixed up!

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Yup. I am doing a set and Alto is doing whatever he does. I figured 3 knives from me might be equivalent to one of his.

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Brother you’ll be responsible for a lot smiles of the faces of kids that are having a tough time. That I promise you!

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Yeah. That makes all the effort worth it. If you want a sneak preview of what I have in the works check out my IG doug_simon_knives

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I figured this would be the perfect excuse to depart from my normal stylings, so I’ve got two damascus Tantos in progress. They’ll be finished shortly!

Very much looking forward to see how much we can raise. Five knives??? SHIT YEAH.

Thanks for being a stand-up son of a bitch, D!!

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Full disclosure, I did not pressure the man at all. He’s just a fantastic motherfucker by nature.

I would appreciate it if you could keep that to yourself… I don’t need that reputation. lol


Now that I think about it, I once saw that Fathead guy push an elderly woman down three flights of concrete stairs…

Kate Mckinnon Flirt GIF by Saturday Night Live


Damn you guys are amazing. This Friday I will have the official list (besides a metric ton of playdoh) of what the hospital is requesting. I have a contact directly in the NICU and she gave me a few things they really need.

You guys are seriously making such a difference in some kids lives when they really need it. 100% this place is amazing.


I have a thought. The knives I am making are going to be matching. Should we separate them or should we keep them together. I can go to my Amish leather guy and see if he can make a nice leather carrying case for them if we keep them together. Whatcha think?


I think that portion is entirely your call as the maker!

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Yeah. That makes sense. I just want to do whatever gets the kids more money for gifts. It might all be for naught. I have fucked up the stainless portion of my handle twice. I fucking hate hidden tang knives. Might have to call an audible and make the handle all wood. Thinking African Blackwood and then a teal colored quilted maple.


everytime I do a tattoo giveaway (working with a local business who are great) some piece of shit starts a fake account and starts asking for credit card numbers. worse part… there is always one dummy who gives it to them… ugh.

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