Grappling For Gifts 2022 (charity toy drive)

Well, it’s that time of year again…. That time where I start begging the OG for donations!

As we enter our 7th year of Grappling for Gifts, I am happy to include you bunch of savages…. Just kidding…. This place is a HUGE part of my charity. Without this place I wouldn’t be able to get half the gifts to the kids that I do.

If you aren’t familiar… I founded and run Grappling For Gifts Inc. (out of my house). It is a 501c3 charity I started in 2016. Long story short the Children’s Hospital of Illinois did me a pretty big favor when my little girl, Catalina, was born. Without this incredible hospital my life, and hers, would have turned out a lot different. So, what I do is I collect donations so I can buy the kids being treated in the CHOI toys, game, clothes, supplies, etc so they have a little something extra for the Holidays. I’ve made this my sole mission. What started as me offering martial arts lessons has blossomed into something bigger.

To date GFG has raised over $40k that went directly to the needs of kids being treated in the Children’s Hospital of Illinois. This site has been instrumental to the success we’ve had. Despite our differences on here we have all pulled together for the greater good.

All details on my charity can be found here

Donations (GFM, PayPal, Venmo) are made easy here:

We also have a Facebook page:

And since a lot of you know me or know about this…. If you don’t want a percentage taken out of your donation you can PayPal F&F to or Venmo at @Ryan-Prouty-7. Extra 2% never hurt in fundraising. All goes to the same spot.

Anyway…. If you are in a position to give and would like to help out a bunch of great kids that could use a nice distraction during their treatment, please consider Grappling For Gifts.


Added some fun raffle prizes recently! Every $10 donation is an entry into teh end of year raffle!

Shameless Bump

Hey brother! Awesome what you are doing, love it!
Wanted to donate via the gfm (live in europe, dont use the other stuff) but it says this:

“The organiser has disabled new donations to this fundraiser at the moment.“

Whaaaaaat? I did no such thing! Let me check this out…