grappling for kids?

Everyone just hold on a second.

Just a quick note to state my point of view publicly. Luis I was in no way talking down about the PAW video series. I am sure they are very good. Unfortunately at this time I am not after a complete "turn key" instructional series on how to run a school.

All I was after were some drills and games for small children. I'm sure the PAW video series has plenty of those but I am not at this time able to spend that sort of money on something that I am helping out with for 1 hour 1 evening a week.

I'll stop before this becomes a complete infomercial for said videos.

BTW I checked out the Straight Blast Gym web site and I really like the philosophy you guys have.


Wish I could help, don't know anything that hasn't been said or you alreayd know. Teaching my daughter atm she is 9 unfortunately with her its just me usually some other members of my family or some of my friends children. On the good note, she is able to focus and concentrate better with just me and her or a few others than a ton of kids.

TTT for some more ppl that might know


lol he was just trying to get some ideas and the next thing you know he's blind sided by an info-mercial!

Maybe....but also an opportunity for a set. ;)


One that I like, is have two kids put their hands in/grab their belts and hop on one foot. Keep them in a small confine area, square or circle, whatever. The object is to off balance, knock down or drive each other out of the area. The first one to let go of the belt, step down or fall loses. This should be great for learning kuzushi and is fun as crap to watch. Just make sure that the knee of the leg with the raised foot doesn't rack each other in the jewels.