Grappling Game Plan

Well, it's A grappling game plan, if not Lloyd Irvin's THE Grappling Game Plan.

This will really help put your mind in the game and prepare you for tournament.

And to think I'm giving it all away without running 12 sale copy sites and collecting email addresses and hyping it up with podcasts.

I must be doing something wrong.

I suppose you could be more modest.


But then I've been assuming the whole Shock and Awesome thing is (at least somewhat) tongue in cheek.

It is, isn't it? (No wait - you'll never tell - that would undermine the carefully calculated, devil-may-care persona.)

And yes, sigh, you do post more valuable stuff than Simco almost any day of the week (faint praise that) and almost always better stuff than Kesting (which is praise indeed).

But that's no reason to start charging, OK? (Reader supported blogs, a la public television/radio, with pledge breaks - those are fine, however.)

Show him the money, fool. :)

Actually I have dropped money in the tip jar. I'm not all talk, all the time. Just most of the time.

They're on to me...



thanks again! Much love and respect.

All I want from Loyd Irving and only thing I would be prepared to pay for is his

FLOW CHART he supposely did by watching mundials.

[edited to remove the only joke I could remember from the fourth grade]

Aesopian is the Man! Thanks for all you share!

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Thanks again Aesop!!!!

Aesopian, love the tutorials, how about one dealing with the escapes ? Thanks.

Yes, escapes starting from mount.

A question to ponder:

How do you FIND your own gameplan? Do you try to figure out which moves work well for you and then try to build around those moves? Or something else?