Grappling Gameplan ship date??!!

To Professor Irvin, or anyone that has purchased the grappling gameplan:
Do any of you have any idea when it is supposed to ship? Like a good customer I paid on the spot, and was not given a hint about how and when this "gameplan" would ship out by the "WinWay Team" that handled the transaction.

I must say, after being on the list for so long, and wondering what it was that was being released; then actually buying something, only to wonder when it will ship, is a bit frustrating.

I HATE to say it, but the hype kinda died when money changed hands...

Now I hope that this will arrive soon, and I can write a shining review eating these initial complaints with a bowl of gravy.

I feel the same way. He implied that he had all of the merchandise "in stock", but he never said when he will be shipping, or if he is even the one responsible for the shipping. I posed this question on other threads and got no responses from anyone.

So, ttt for some more info, as it would suck to wait another few weeks because he he still has to order them or something like that....

I've also sent two emails. One the night I ordered, no response; and then another one at about 5 am this morning. Third time is a charm, and the email to cancel the order will follow.

No question about Professor Irvin's skills, but this marketing onslaught followed by nothing after money has changed hands, really is poor customer service.

I ordered, goofed up my shiping request, sent an innappropriately rude email about the shiping charge, got a NICE response from Lloyd himself, cancelled my order due to my lack of funds at this time of year, and Lloyd was cool as hell about it and even though he lost a sale, (Even though I was kind of being a dickhead). Say what you want, but from now on, I am sure that LLoyd is a top notch kind of guy. If his product is 1/2 as good as his treatment of me, then those of you who ordered are in for a treat.

I ordered LI's bodyweight exercise book as soon as it was released, it took about three weeks, which was pretty prompt seeing as I live in Australia.

Forum messages indicate an apparently small number of people had delays, though.

I'm hoping for the same service level this time around.

Some indication from the man himself wouldn't hurt, though.


good news, thanks mdk28

Which mail address did you send your mails to - still no reply to mine :o(


lloyd wrote me a personal response as well, which surprised me, since he must get so many.

Lloyd is the man.


it has not shipped out yet


Got an email from him this morning saying he had 4000+ orders to send out for his two special mailing lists, he'd had to hire extra staff for packaging and that the USPS were trying to do a special deal for him but that they were unlikely to ship before Dec 29.

That's basically what he said, if sceptical take it up with him not me.

I got the email too, I feel more comfortable now. Everyone on his list should have gotten the email.

Hopefully, with future products, Lloyd will be in a position to ship items within 24-48 hours like most other businesses do.

It sounds like he would have been positioned to send them at the end of the sale, except that the holiday rush got in his way.

It's cool, I can wait. :-)

Prof Irvin was prompt in his response, definitely; and I like everyone appreciate that.

I would investigate the storefront that he is using to sell this program however. I got immediately frustrated because once payment was made, there was nothing. Only an opportunity to sign up, again, for the mailing list. And a link to the webpage that pitches the program.

Professor Irvin offers a good product, but technical issues like that will surely hurt him in the future if demand is ever greater.

That being said, I am very glad that Professor Irvin has received such a great response for his package. At the end of the day, there are few things that an individual owns. One of those things being reputation. Obviously Professor Irvins rep is working well for him here, and rightfully so. I'm looking forward to receiving my program and doing what I can to help Prof Irvin's rep.

ov1, I seem to remember that in the plethora of emails I got from him there was one apologising for the confusing links between pages once you ordered.

So there was a problem, for which he apologised. I think TCT is correct in that the holiday rush coincided with the large number of orders and neither he nor USPS could cope at the time.

IMO, no reason for concern at this stage.