Grappling Gameplan ship date??!!

I disagree. I noticed that everyone seems to tip toe around Lloyd.

If this was a DVD or kimono, you guys would all be up in arms about the poor service. I bought the gameplan as soon as the link was up, I got my confirmation email within 10 minutes, and I noticed my funds were out of my account on the 14th. With the $15 shipping charge, I expected this in 3-5 days. This was a XMAS present from my wife to me. When I complained, I got an email saying that if I can do better to let him know. He hasn't even started shipping out yet. I am curious to see how much of the $15 will actually be used on shipping and the other on "handling".

I am pumped to get the gameplan, and I am still wanting to get the Blue print.
I have a degree in Psych. I am going to be upset if its basic sports Psych stuff.

It should start shipping out today the 29th according to Lloyd.


The only reason that I am not truly complaining yet is because Lloyd did respond to my email. I am not happy with the response that I got, but I appreciate him being honest. And frankly, it will give me pause in the future about ordering anything else because I will remember the delay, no shipping info, the shipping charge itself, and the confusion.

Also, like many others, if this is just re-hashed sports psych, then I'll voice that too.


Alvis a few weeks ago I was competing in Florida at a GQ event and I was speaking to Jeff Monson. He was raving about how good the Grappling Game plan was and how it has helped him. The funny thing is that Jeff has a Master Degree in Psych and we all know that he's a legitimate athlete. Now that someone that has a Master Degree in Psych and is competing on a World Class level in Grappling loves his course and has said that it has helped him, I'm looking forward to seeing your views on the course.

I saw on another thread that you returned and asked for a refund on the exact same course that Master Lloyd used to take his martial arts school from nowhere to over a million dollars a year school. Maybe you just didn't apply the information correctly because it's a fact that the information works for those that use it.

I hope that you apply the principles in The Grappling Game Plan because they’ve done wonders for me. It’s two hours into my birthday now so I’m going to sleep because Master Lloyd has a wild night planned for me I hear.

Mike Fowler
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you are partying with your coach? Congrats on your brown belt it is obviously well deserved and happy birthday.


Happy Birthday Bro.

I am pumped about getting the gameplan, as I have mentioned that several times. I am looking forward to it, and will give me my review. I am not a world class grappler. I was a world class runner back in the day, and worked with several Sports Psychologists. In 1980, I was the youngest track athlete in the Olympic Training Center in Boulder Colorado then President Carter issues the Boycott and I am on a bus home, no Olympics for me. I was hurt in 1984 and could only manage a 46 400 meter dash. My hamstring tore and end of track career. At age 40, I want to use the game plan to help me compete at the Pan Ams and Mundials. The plan I am currently using is at :

Its free.

As far as the marketing stuff goes....most of what Stephen Oliver sent me was other people's work. Why pay $700 when I could get all the things in that marketing kit for free at the library. The best thing in that kit was the Idea Virus, and the things I wish I knew at 22. I have spent 2004 doing research...I hope to mimic Lloyd's success in 2005.


Just received my gameplan kit this afternoon, haven't gone through it yet.

Oops, sorry didn't see that there's already a thread started about having received the gameplan ...

You are 100% correct comedian. I really believe that. I'm not naturally gifted or anything. I just try to follow the systems to the best of my ability. I often don't make the grade as far as Master Lloyd is concerned when it comes to following the system day in and day out. But he says that you should just do what you can. I just follow the systems more than most.

Master Lloyd has this program that we do. It's very simple. One part of it is after class no matter what he wants us to do five sets until fatigue of gi pull ups. I've done it after every practice for about the last three years. I don't like it all of the time because sometimes I'm not feeling well or I got my butt kicked in training but I do it anyway.

I can honestly say that there are only two other students that do it also on our entire team. I can't begin to tell you what it has done for my grip in this short period of time, it has greatly helped my triangles because most times people can't get their arms back once I get it.

I truly believe that if someone does this every day it will improve your grips like you won't believe. I've found out that having a strong grip is very valuable. It only takes a few minutes out of my day, while everyone else is still at the school just talking on the sidelines, I go do the after class system he's given us. He just tells us what you should do and then he never says anything to you about it again. Either you do it or you don't. Maybe 3-5 times a year he'll have a big speech about people not doing it. When he does that everyone starts to do all of the items but that wears off in about 2-4 weeks.

Now if someone said they tried it and it didn't work
for them I just would'nt believe that they honestly gave it a fair try. Of course you won't see improvements over night. But you will see improvements if you continue to follow it.

I know comedian I'll never change your mind but I just don't want anyone that truly wants to try to improve to be misled by people that haven't tried the course or gave up on it to early.

And yes I'm living proof that it works. I clearly remember getting the crap beat out of me in tournaments. I just kept an open mind, didn't doubt it and followed his information to the best of my ability.

I'm interested in what you feel works for you comedian because I'll give it a try. Anything that can help me improve I'm interested in. Especially if it's getting good proven results.


Yes I'm partying with my coach, this will be my third year going out to party with him on my birthday. Last year all of the black belts came out and things got really wild. I can't wait. I can't believe I'm 22.

Mike Fowler

Mike Fowler - that's cool bro. Charles Kil has told me really good things about how your coach including how he really cares about his students progress, you are fortunate. 22, damn you're a kid! Have fun, be safe :)


"One part of it is after class no matter what he wants us to do five sets until fatigue of gi pull ups."

each set is to momentary failure? what rest periods do you use between sets? thanks.

Just got my Gameplan in the mail this morning, and I am happy to say that after a cursory review of it; I am impressed! I will gladly eat a plate of crow for bitching about the shipping and the post sale void.

Everything was very well packaged, the tapes and DVD appear very well laid out. The books, well, they look very comprehensive to say the least! I am going to take a week and go through this thoroughly, and I will be one of the people who does post a review. An objective one mind you as I have no loyalties to Professor Irvin other than respect for his accomplishments, I have my own team loyalties.

Well, mine should be here any day now....