Grappling Gameplan

Has anyone bought LLoyd Irvin's Grappling Gameplan? Is it worth the money?
I don't think I really understand what I'd be buying...

It's mostly covers sports psychology than actually building a game plan. I
see they have a cd rom that covers building a game plan now. I don't
believe that was part of the package when it was first released. As far as is
it worth it? It depends on who you ask. It is a little pricey for me

While it has some things to offer, I will say one word when I think of myself having purchased it: SUCKERED.

Now there is a DVD of Mike Fowler performing his game plan and that alone gave me alot of information. I still use some of the moves he shows on it

Agreed. I bought it when it was being hyped up. It is a very basic sports psychology book, audio cd (same content as the book), and workbook set with a very short sample DVD with Fowler demonstrating a few moves in his own game plan. The set itself does NOT show you how to build your own game plan.