Grappling Hall of Fame


Grappling has grown at an extraordinary pace over the past decade. In order to recognize the efforts that made it possible, the Grappling Hall of Fame has been inaugurated.

The mission of the Grappling Hall of Fame is to honor men and women, past and present, who by their deeds as fighters, trainers, officials, and/or contributors, and by the example of their lives, personify the great sport of Grappling, and to enshrine such individuals in the National Grappling Hall of Fame.      

The First Annual Induction Ceremony will be held January 22, 2005, just outside New York City, at the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe, Teaneck, NJ. Premiere inductees will include Renzo Gracie, Rickson Gracie, Lloyd Irvin, Bob Shirmer, Royce Gracie, Tiger Schulmann, Mario Sperry and others upon whose shoulders our sport rests.

The banquet includes dinner, cash bar, DJ, etc; tickets will be available soon. Discount hotel rooms at the Marriott, directions, and more details on the ceremony will be made available shortly.  


WHEN:      Saturday, January 22, 2005 (Doors open at 7 PM)
WHERE:   Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe ( Teaneck , NJ)    
WHAT:       800 Capacity Dinner Banquet – Open to all

Further developments, including the Board of Director roster, call for nominations, and more will be reported daily at, to debut starting this weekend.   

More info coming soon!

Dancing? Somehow I just can't picture a bunch of Gracies waltzing around on a hardwood floor...

Rolling, maybe...

Sounds amazing, who is the sponsor/organizer of the Hall of Fame?

Gene LeBell should be on the list.

Consider it done.

Why can't I get DJ gigs like that ??


holy shit

Congrats Master Bob!

Huh. Kirik, inform us here, this is a great idea! Just a damn
hell ass great idea that I'd like to be a part of (not as an
inductee of course)

Awesome idea!

This was actually started about four years ago or more
I guess. Bryan Madden contacted me, and said "Hey, MMA
deserves a Hall of Fame, we should set one up." I did
months of research on how to create an independent
board, contacted many of the principals, and we had
everything ready to go.

Then, tragically, Brayn passed. I was really, really
bummed. My mother tells me death is a part of life,
but I don't deal with it well, at all. The thing was
shelved, for years now.

Relatively recently Kipp told me he wanted to do an
Annual Banquet for the NAGA. Over time and a lot of
discussion, we decided to expand it to something for
the entire sport. For anyone who is concerned, that
being the case, obviously a single promoter does not
decide who gets what award. That will be taken care of
by a broad-based panel.

Expect a series of announcements over the coming weeks

Carlson Gracie should also be there.

Do wrestlers qualify or is it just sub grapplas? As far as "best grapplas eva", I think you have to include Alexander Karelin, for starters then there's the littany of American wrestling legends...

A Board of Directors has been set up with representatives from different regions of the United States and across the globe. The list of Directors and the regions they represent will be listed shortly.

What an awesome idea, it will pick up the speed it deserves

Tiger Schulmann? Is he really at the Gene Lebelle, Rickson Gracie level?

i wonder if rickson would even show up

Tiger Schulmann brings more children into the sport of grappling than any other school on the East Coast.

Rickson has been invited, Kim (His wife) is checking on his fight schedule for next year and she will be getting back to us. As each Hall of Fame inductee confirms, you will be notified.

cool! TTT

Great idea Kirik!!