grappling Headgear recommendations

Im about to have stitches put in my ear to help it heal to prevent it from filling back up after having it drained. Ive tried letting it heal after draining for a few weeks, and it just fills again. I was watching the Eddie Bravo video about 'Double bagger' and noticed his headgear. it seemed pretty light. Anyone know what type of headgear Eddie wears? Anyone have any other recommendatins on good headgear for grappling to prevent califlour ear?

i just got stitches out of my ear, i now wear the cliff keen tornado headgear, its great, i highly recommend it


i was wondering the same thing about Bravo's headgear

pretty slick


 Looks like these...





Docotor? stitches? headgear?

next time save some cash and have someone at the gym drain it....and keep training.

yeah i got it drained by needle about four times before it absolutely had to be drained by a razor and stitched up, so sometimes the " im a tough guy and i do it myself hardcore approach" doesnt work

 Get the red ones above!  PLEASE don't get the hard ones, with velcro sticking out on the outside, that tear up my face and mash up my ears when I am NOT wearing headgear.  Soft/semi-soft headgear is cool, hard ones with crazy velcro are illegal weapons. ;)

I got an Asics one, much better than my HS wrestling headgear.