grappling in a boxing ring?


Hi Joe!!

Bad idea, in my opinion. Dangerous surface for takedowns, I've never liked even MMA in a ring, never mind straight grappling. Too many restarts and such, fighters are ALWAYS getting tangled in the ropes.

The only way I could see this, is to put GRAPPLING MATS in the ring, with a 3 foot space (minimum!!)between the edge of the mats and the ropes, as an "out of bounds" marker; That wouldn't leave a whole lot of mat space, though!

i go to open sparring at a local kung fu/kickboxing place twice a week and do some mma sparring in a boxing ring and its never been a big problem except for the "mat" burns.

I do it all the time - just be careful and don't do any suplex or repeated heavy throwing without putting additional crash pads on the mat.

I had a BJJ match in a ring. Weird but not that big a deal.

What size ring is it? Obviously a 20' ring is better than a 15'.

Thx for the feedback.

I like it when I get to roll in the ring at our gym - it feels more "live".

Yeah, what are the chances of actually breaking the floor when you're doing throws or takedowns? Is it something to worry about?

How does it feel more "live" for a grappler?

I fought a grappling match in a ring before, @ the academy it is a good way to get ring worm, canvas isn't that clean,besides rings have a sharp peice of medal to hold the canvas down that can cause damage to your body. But if your going to go to an event in a ring you had better train for it some in a ring.

Well, the WWE is in a ring and many grappling events take place in a ring so I ASSUME that not all rings are created equal when it comes to grappling surfaces.

For reference, what grappling events take place in a ring?

a prowrestling ring is different than a boxing ring.

Contenders does for the first one that is off the top of my head.

What is Contenders? Who has competed in it?

It's a Japanese grappling event, I believe Sudo has fought Uno in it.

Thx, estanmilko. Any others from your list of many?

Well said, Phil Cardella... one should train as one would compete. How many BJJ folks here train in a boxing ring?

Purebred has a boxing ring too.

I do think putting a grappling only event on in a ring is a bad idea tho btw.

Thx again, estanmilko.

Joseph - it is a much faster surface than the mats we roll on, that is what I meant by "live" - it is closer to what you get in MMA or on the street. You just have to be a bit more careful =0