Grappling in Ft Myers FLA.?

Are there any quality BJJ or Grappling schools near FT Myers?

One of my Beginner kids is gonna be on vacation in this area and will be competing in his first tournament in a few weeks and his folks just wanted a place he might could get a couple workouts in.

thanks, mat

Naples is just south of Fort Myers:

Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Network of Naples, FL


Gulf Coast Aikijutsu Academy

2085 Pine Ridge Rd

Naples, FL, 34177

Contact person:

Sensei Frank Cook

Telephone number:
(239) 514-8701

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if training is the only reason you left fort myers than you got problems :).

The Martial Arts Academy of SW Florida.

12820 Tamiami Trail North in Naples. Call 591-2727. our classes are tuesday and thursday night at 8:15 and sunday at noon.

Us and the Royce affiliate are the only places in town. We train gi and no gi several fighters make the drive from Ft Myers & Cape Coral to train with us.

Two purple belts, a couple of blues and a couple of white belts so there is always someone cool to train with. Most of our curriculum comes from the Straight Blast Gym via Luis Gutierrez.

Contact Fletch,


thanks guys, ill pass this on to my guys Mom, the are nice folks, and hes only been grappling a couple months, great TKD player, jsut wanted to do some more stuff. thanks for the help


Tell him to check out both schools while he's here and figure out which is best for him.

My ex's family lives in cape coral and let me tell you.... it sucks :).

Cape Coral is where we all go to have fun.

Then we go back to Naples and train.

Jusst kidding about CC


from what I understand CC is becoming quite the wannabe ghetto.