grappling in karate fight(vid)

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The last few seconds are especially hilarious :)

lol @ sweep the leg.

Sorry guys but the american version of the Office is shit! They totally missed the point of the show.

"Sweep the leg" was funny though.

shin2chin why do you say that?

is it because you hate america?


that's what I thought...

Watch the original with Ricky Gervais and tell me i'm wrong.

I have family in america and think the Soprano's is probably the finest tv show ever made. So this isn't a nationalist rant. I watched the remake (as I did with Red Dwarf) and thought it sucked.

In the UK version the humour stems from the uncomfortable reactions and silences of both Ricky and those around him as a result of him being a dick unfunny or racist. The humour comes from his anguish at knowing what being PC is abut in trying SOOO hard he always ends up being non-PC.

If you havent watched the original check it out.

The american version seemed more like a traditional sitcom it most respects.

PS Will and Grace is also shit. ;)



lol at your attempts to spin the British version as the "original." Every
patriot knows that Ricky Gervais's show is a cheap, unfunny knock off
of Steve Carrell's.

The British empire died a century ago and america will rule
with it, please

LOL OK man you win!

in all seriousness i think the gervais is better, but the american version
is funny in its own way. if you watch the american version and try to
see it as a separate show without comparing it to the gervais version,
it's actually pretty good.

entertainment weekly, i think, had an article about this when the
american version came out and specifically discussed how gervais and
the american writers expressly decided not to make the US version a
straight "copy" of the british version. good idea imo since the american
"coupling" was one of the worst pieces of dreck ever

Hollywood has the occasional gem, but they usually have the anti-Midas touch. Whatever they touch turns to dust. Witness "Three Men and a Baby" vs. "Trois Hommes et un Couffin".

Your prob right there chickenfeet a straight rip could have been even worse.

The guy who plays Brent in the american version's a great comic actor though, in Anchorman he cracked me up.

I always wonder why bother with remakes at all. Most popular US sit coms make it over here but only very rarely do we remake them.

We tried to remake That 70's Show and it turned out to be one of the worse things I have ever seen. Much, much worse than the original which I really enjoyed.

Mainly cuz it was funny as hell seeing Clarence Boddicker from Robocop as Erics strict old man. I keep on waiting for a classic quote like "can you fly Bobby" or "gimme my fuckin phone call". LOL!

i hate the US version as well.