Grappling in Lake City, Florida?

does anybody here know of any places to roll in Lake City Florida, or anywhere near there?

I have never been able to find anywhere to train in Lake City. Your best bet is to drive to Gainesville, Fl. (possibly do a Google search for schools). You can also try Valdosta, Ga. ( Georgia might be too far to drive though. Good luck.

Do you live in Lake City?

The F2 submission Fighting Academy has training sessions every Monday through Thursday in Gainesville. There are usually about a dozen people there each night doing no-gi grappling and stand up.

Training sessions are non structured and the environment is very friendly, just show up and there will be plenty of people willing to roll or do drills with you. Skill levels range from beginners to professional fighters so there should be no problem finding people to develop your skills with.

Fees are fifty dollars per month for unlimited training or you may choose to simply pay five dollars per training session if you plan on coming less than ten times per month.

Training is held at the Unified Training Center located at 809 West University Avenue. Times are as follows.

Mon and Wed: 6:30-8:30
Tue and Thur:8:00-10:00

Look forward to seeing you there.

Amsbjj, I don't live in Lake City but I live about 30 minutes from there. Jbraswell, thanks for the information I might try to make it there.