grappling in Victoria BC?

I will be in Victoria BC for 10 days from 21st to 31st and was wondering where can i train for a few days, thank you


Hey, go see Peterec's martial arts (I think thats it). I dont know what their hours are, but they have some good fighters. Hope this helps. Victor

Hey Krzysztof, Chris Peak here, if you want to e-mail me at or you could try my cell when you get to town.(250)883-6476.Iam training at Peterec's, and right now Iam getting ready for a fight in Mexico, so Iam in full training right now.So if you need a place to train we have some good trainers and fighter's as well.

Hope to here from you!
Chris Peak!

Good luck with your fight Chris. Who is the opponent ?

Wass up JD, they are trying to firm up an opponent for me right now.They have a couple of guy's to choose from, so I will know in a couple of weeks.The fight isn't till Febuary, so I got lots of time to train for anybody they throw at me.(probablly an Arizona Fighter)

When are you and the boys gonna come up for a trining camp ?

Soon I hope.Iam going to Team Quest for a week at the end of January.

Cool that will be awesome for you talk to ya later class is starting

Chris i will call you when i get in to Victoria, I too am training for a fight Jan 29th, looking forward to it, thank you