Grappling Magazine

I'm looking to contact someone from Grappling Magazine I've tried to get a hold of Todd Hester via e-mail but it keeps bouncing back. Does anyone know who else I can get a hold of.


Whats up?

Regional editor/Columnist - Grappling magazine

Todd was fired in October.

The new Editor-in-Chief is Doug Jeffrey.

I like the magazine and all, but I bought a subscription in July, and I've only received 3 issues since then, and only once the front cover wasn't all torn up.

Now that I think of it, it was the month of october which i never received a mag. maybe that dude getting fired had something to do with it?

I gave up my subscription after months of missed issues, and ripped up covers.

It was hard to do, but the delivery was just too unreliable.


ok then i'm not nuts and they do come ripped and unreliable

out of the 5 months i should have received them i;ve gotten 3 and 2 of them had ripped covers..

but i like the magazine, i just wish it came on time and in good shape

One of my students works at Hy-Vee and brings them to me for free thus avoiding missed issues and ripped covers

That mag sucks.

well the damn usps brings me ripped issues half the time, and thats why i'm not happy.

not sure who's fault it is but all i know is i end up with a ripped up magazine about 40% of the time i should be getting it.


I have had a subscription for 3-4 years and have never had any problems is a great alternative. Email Doug at Grappling Mag to fix the subscription problem with Grappling.

Wow and funny how someone shouts out he was fired...Was that really the case? Seems kind of personal as the shouter should know.


I don't really like Grappling Mag. The events it covers usually happened 3-4 months before and there are tons of misspellings.

Bodyguard is by far the better mag, check it out!

It is my understanding that Hester left to do his own thing (Bodyguard), and was NOT fired.

Is Bodyguard out at like Barnes and Noble?