Grappling near Aviano, Italy?

A Serviceman recently emailed me about Grappling near
Aviano, Italy, where he will be stationed. If anyone
has any ideas, please post here, or email


A wrestling club might work fine too?


ttt for Kirik and the serviceman.

Here's a list of Italian mma academies:

None of them are in Friuli, the region where Aviano is located, but Italy being a small country I'm sure he can find one within an hour or so drive.



Is he in the navy? If so, one of my guys is stationed in Italy at the naval base there, not too sure of the name of the town he is in.

Email me if this is the case

Aviano sounds like air force. The best thing he can do is try to locate or start a wrestling club right on the base. I did that when I was stationed in Mildenhall England. Then considering he is already in Europe, he need to check with the US Army (USAREUR) athletics. They hold a ton of tournaments in europe (mostly germany) but aviano is a major transport base and he could easily catch a "hop" up there to compete. Plus if he is a "creative writer" he can get his squadron to give him "permissive tdy" to represent them. That is what I did and they ate it up. Final thing I would recommend is start looking to try out for the All Air force wrestling team. Again, that is also what I did. I beleive that Rich Estrella is still the coach and in Peterson AFB, Colorado springs. You do nothing but wrestle for 6 months a year, not a bad way to serve your time and get paid to do it. Kirik, I will PM you my cell number if he needs it for anything...

I wish him luck,


Thanks so much for all the help! He is reading this too :-)

DinoFuoco and Savateur both live in Italy, hopefully they can help


e.mail Dino Fuoco at

i don't know any gym near there, but i'm sure that there are some guys training near Pordenone a small city not too far from Aviano.

I'm sure Dino Fuoco will help you, because he has a lot of contacts here in Italy.

What's up dude? The guy, Aaron Black, is stationed with me at Osan right now. He's got good submission skills and we've been working on his wrestling skills. He learns quick, so that's good. He helped me get ready for the Veteran Worlds this year (I placed 4th, but tore up my knee) What have you been up to?


Dunno if this will help at all, but I trained for a little while with a guy named Diego Trigili from Italy. If he can find him, he may be able to help. Last I heard he had his own school




Things are cool bro, I am in living in Reno Nevada now. If you get a chance, send me an e-mail at


I lived in Aviano for four years, while growing up. I just visited it two months ago with my wife and stayed at the same hotel my family did 34 years before.

The base has a pretty good size gym... hopefully you can find others with the same interest and get things started.