Grappling Programs - BluePrints

So I just saw a thread for a 12 week coaching course, nogilibrary I think it was.

Anyone had experience with things like these?

The BJJ Manifesto, Grappling BluePrint, things like that?

They are supposed to help you learn faster, break the game down, and get you a more intelligent way to train it looks like, and are to compliment your time spent at the school it looks like.

Didn't Lloyd Irvin do one also?

Anyway there are so many out there I think, let me get some feedback, thanks.

Really guys, no one?

I've had experience with both Rob Kahn and Matt Arroyo who put out the no-gi library and bjj manifesto - they are amazing instructors and provide great insight.

I had Rob fly up to my school in NY in October, I have Matt coming up in February.  These guys know BJJ inside and out and their products will help your game grow by leaps and bounds.

Thanks Brian, should I check out the Manifesto first or does it matter? As opposed to the No Gi Library or just get both when I can?

Well I'll be looking around the rest of the day, looks like I'll probably purchase the Manifesto tomorrow off your reccomendation.

I'll post about it after I'm into it. The way the ads are for these types of things though makes me feel like such a sucker lol, though we will see.

Since you're in NY, feel free to stop by my school and check out Matt's seminar at my place February 12th (2 - 4:30pm) Precision MMA 1097 route 55 LaGrange, NY 12540