Grappling Reality, The Truth

This video address the hot topic of the use of weapons in a grappling/real world confrontation. Although this video takes place in a controlled atmosphere I am fairly confident when I say I think I could have won this altercation regardless of the taser.

The stun gun is 1 million volts and has multiple contact points (I almost shocked myself in the opening part of this demonstration). I must be very clear when I say I do not recommend doing this at home nor do I condone hazing or the use of self defense equipment on others. I am an professional, and I suggest you take my word for it.

 Dude, you're a G in a gi. Ginagi, so to speak.

haha, good to see some comedy

haah nice. Looks like you guys have fun at your academy are awesome.

Also don't tase me bro

I think William enjoyed that too much.

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