Grappling Seminar at Villa Park

My friend wanted me to pass this on:
Grappling Seminar with Gael Coac from France on Sat. March 22, at 10:00 A.M. at Villa Park. No-gi. Gael Coac is a BJJ black belt under Kazeka Muniz and is also a Judo Black Belt. He has his own school in Paris, France where he teaches grappling/MMA and has produced both grappling and MMA champions in Europe. He is also the Machado representive for France and much of Western Europe. He has trained with Jason Lambert, the Machados, Gracies, Kasaka Muniz, Herb Dean and many more. Gael is also a police officer in Paris and is an instructor in self defense, shooting and special units.

Date: Saturday March 22, 2008.
Location: Villa Park, Pasadena
Address: 363 E Villa St, Pasadena
Cost: $15 minimum donation

I was just told that UFC ref herb dean is going to try to make it. also, fighters jason lambert and savant young (ifl) are going to try to be there. also, coming is kazeka muniz and ahmad reece.