Grappling Tournament Needed Where?

Hey Guys,,,,,Just wondering if there are any places in the USA that need grappling tournaments? I know alot of tournaments are put on the big cities. Beside NJ, FL and CA. Where would be a good place to put on a grappling tournament. Anyone who lives somewhere and would be interested in having a Grapplemania Tournament come to there area or anyone with any suggustions email me at Right now i run grappling tournaments in NC and I will be doing one in Seattle on Jan 29th of next year,wanted to add a few more locations.

thanks Brad
Grapplemania Director


If you check the State forums under Oklahoma you'll see there are three areas in the state that seem to have organized schools for grappling. The Tulsa area has at least 3 schools I know of that teach grappling. OKC probably has at least 2 and Lawton has a military base with some grapplers at it. Maybe you could contact the schools and see if there would be an interest.

Salt Lake City!!!!

ATL :)


Thanks Guys

central and western pennsylvania (state college, pittsburgh, erie, etc)
western new york (buffalo area??)
eastern ohio (cleveland, youngstown, etc)

How about the Big Easy? Can't go wrong holding an event in New Orleans.

Western NY - Buffalo (or Rochester). You hit the Ontario, Canada market with this location as well - Toronto is only 2 1/2 hours away.


NAGA is returning to Chicago in MAY.

Chris thanks, we are always ready for that one!

Northern California.Plenty of schools in area but rarely a no-gi tourney.

Great Ideas, Thanks Everyone




How about in the Metro-Detroit Area, we have an untapped resource within the grappling community!!!

I.E. Ann Arbor; Detroit; Dearborn, Pontiac etc.!!!

Where i just moved, Auburn, AL

DC area