Grappling Tourney by Budweiser

We are proud to come back again for our 3rd year with the Jiu Jitsu World Cup by BUDWEISER. NO GI divisions Novice, Interm., and Adv. Divisions for both Adult and Masters.

All Gi divisions from White belt to Black Belt, Adult and Masters. Children Divisions starting at age 5.
Womens divisions, a division that is growing and I really hope to see its continued growth.

Pro No Gi divisons paying $1,000.00 per weight class.

If you love to Grapple and want to compete this is compltetely a Politicaly FREE tournement. Just come out and have some fun.

Come get your World Title by Budweiser.

ttt great to see some big money companies sponsor the sport. Is there a mailing list so I can get a flyer or poster to put on the wall in my club?

ttt for the king of beers...

Hey Joe ....... cant wait for event .....Tell Scott to come back down would love to get another go with him.For fun. .... He is a great guy.....And thanks for refereeing My fights at the Carolina Tap factor.....Hmm Alex and Scott No time limit, submission only no points hmmmmm.... And with us there was never any bad feeling...which I hope more people can learn from......


There is email address on the web site you can send your mailing address to one of them.

Guys thanks for your kind words and we are and have been working hard to create an awsome event. Since the first one w/ Dale Earnhardt Jr. helping us, to last years that ran extremely smooth and still carried class as well, we will continue to improve it and make a great Tournement for all people to come and enjoy.

The Novice competitor to the biggest name, is equally important to me and will do my personal best to ensure an equal and fair Grappling Tournement.

subfighter: that would be a good idea, Scott does not train at my school any more, infact I have not spoken to him in a while. Your attitude and the way you carry yourself is exactly what we want at The Bud World Cup.
Not to mention your an extremely talented individual.

Much Respect to everyone.

Joe Hurst



This may not be far from me, Ill have to hit mapquest and see if I cant cover this one.



Sweet see you in NC!!!


jd, did you have a decent turn out from the kids?

hey cool will then give us budwiser beers and can we drink them?

good tournament last year joe


We had a good turn out of children and womens divisions but I really want to see that grow. There are seperate medals for the childrens divisions, it is exactly the same only does not have Budweiser on them.
Nice thick and heavy medals.

Thanks guys for the kind words, we did our best langly311 to run a good event and keep it looking the way it does. You can expect more of that with even more improvements this year.

We have Beer every year in the V.I.P. you just have to get to it before the girls drink it all up. Girls come in from our sponsors and hang out, like Gumby said, it was a great idea but they came in drank all the beer and left. ;-)

See you there!!!

This will continue to grow and is an AWSOME event!!!

Joe Hurst


cool! ttt