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Announcing "The Submission Fighter Tournament Circuit of Champions", featuring "The Sprawl Takedown Challenge".

Biloxi, MS – February 19, 2005 (In conjunction with Reality Combat)

In addition to regular Gi and No-Gi divisions, we will be including the 1st ever "Takedown Division" Sponsored by Sprawl (For all of the wrestlers out there!) Gi Division and Takedown Division will be held on Saturday.  Reality Combat MMA fights will be Saturday night, and the No Gi division will be on Sunday.

Three of our tournaments will be in conjunction with one of our Premium Sponsors, Reality Combat. Our first tournament will be on February 19, 2005 at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, MS. Grappling will take place during the day, Reality Combat MMA fights will take place that night. If you have ever wanted a full day of fun and excitement, this is it!

Another Premium Sponsor is Sprawl, the "official shorts" of "The Submission Fighter Tournament Circuit of Champions" and sponsor of "The Sprawl Takedown Challenge."

GrapplerGear, Gameness, OnTheMat and Steinerwear are also sponsors of these events, providing door prizes, and Special Trophies. We are still looking for a few more sponsors who want to "jump on-board" before we get started. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Jason Culbreth at 919-412-6509.

Go to to pre-register.  Hotel information will be up shortly -- Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino will be the hotel and venue.

This is the first ever Takedown Series incorporated into the Martial Arts. We are hoping to draw a lot of wrestlers so that we can introduce them to jiu jitsu. By having the gi and takedown divisions on Saturday, some wrestlers will be able to see, for the first time, what jiu jitsu is all about. This should help martial arts schools bring in new students.